Top 3 Core Java Basic Concepts

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Core Java basic concepts are the base to learn advanced java concepts. In java, Object-Oriented programming is the building block of Core Java Concepts.

OOPs concept play a vital role in the very basic foundation of Java programming Language ,and has loads of untapped resources available to developers in the technical world.

Let’s start learning about the core java basic concepts which are taken from OOPs programming basics and will prove to you that making your OOPs concept clear will have a strong foundation in Java.

We are here to cover core java topics that will make you more confident and versatile to use the wonderful Java language if you are java for beginners. After this, it will be easier for you to learn advanced java concepts.

Basic Java Concepts

core java basic concepts
core java basic concepts

It is class based, object-oriented programming & network centric language which is designed in such a way that lesser implementation dependencies occur. Java is the most used & versatile computing platform required for the most complex application development.

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The processing is very fast which is secure & reliable. And this is the reason, application of Java can be used in laptops, data centers, game consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, etc.

Best applications of Java are :

  • Android Apps
  • Enterprise Software
  • Mobile java Applications
  • Scientific Computing Applications
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Java Programming of Hardware devices

Best way to learn Java and understand advanced java concepts is to do more practice & gradually get into development of applications.

Core Java Developer

Core Java developer is one who develops the java programming language & they develop general purpose application modules using core java concepts.

best way to learn java
best way to learn java

They are the experts in developing the programs. Core Java developer can design the application as per the requirements of clients.

About the best way to learn java for beginners to progress in core java development is that they should be well versed with core SDK libraries modules.

As core java developer you can effectively be utilizing the available resources in libraries & gradually rise in this field of core java topics & advanced java concepts.

Oops Concept in Java

The best way to learn java is to be familiar with core java topics which are closer to the Object oriented programming concepts.

Objects are real-world entity such as an object like chair, table, computer, watch, etc. 

best way to learn java
best way to learn java

In core java syllabus Object-Oriented Programming refers to methodology or standards which lets one design a program using classes and objects. Java is also an Object Oriented Programming langauge which has got numerous inbuild resources library available thanks to broadest range of developers community contributing to it.

It lets java for beginners to learn java software through relating to core OOPS concepts that let them develop and maintain with providing some core concepts such as :

  • Object
  • Class
  • inheritance basics
  • The concept & Principles of Polymorphism
  • Concepts & principles of Abstraction &
  • Encapsulation

Also when one focuses on core java basic concepts one has to get familiarize with terms which often come under the core java syllabus and which is used in basic Object-Oriented design such as

  • Coupling
  • Cohesion
  • Association
  • Aggregation
  • Composition

Question & Answer related to Top 3 Core java basic concepts

Q. What are basic Java concepts?

A. OOPs concepts in Java are the main concepts that are part of core java topics & also used in advanced java concepts and form its building blocks.

Abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism concepts of OOPS, which when are deeply learned in java & proved to be the best way to learn java.

Q. What is the syllabus of advanced Java?

A. The core java concepts that formulate the syllabus of advanced Java broadly covers 3 aspects i.e JDBC- Java database connector, Java Servlets & JSP or the Java Scripts, which is elaborated for java for beginners and is more server side scripting and creating database connectors for integration with other systems and applications

Client side scripting part that comprises of JEE (viz Java Enterprise Edition which focuses on Server implementation part , J2EE & the Java frameworks).

Q. Can I learn Java in 6 months?

A. Yes why not as one when starts as java for beginners and starts learning the core java basic concepts then more to more deeper topics which are OOPS centric concepts , this fascinating world of Java.

One can be good at Java if one is good at grasping core java topics and proves his or her practical knowledge through continuous practice

Q. Is core Java enough to get a job?

A. Yes when one gets good knowledge about core Java and has clear fundamentals on core java basic concepts one becomes included in the “preferred list of candidates” by IT recruiters.

Of course, one will get an offer if one knows the core java topics perfectly, and knows about ultithreading and lambda expressions somewhat a little lesser

Q. What is Core Java Developer?

A. Core Java developer refers to a professional who is well versed with the core java topics which at the heart of the Java language and may exclude certain libraries that are available in a mature Java ecosystem & SDK (Standard development kit)

A Core Java developer with having a deep understanding of Core Java concepts can further learn Advanced java concepts & use it in any Java-centered high-level framework or App development packages like the Android Application Kit (for mobile apps developement) with ease.

Q. Does “Exception Handling” in java is considered Java OOPS concepts?

A. Exception Handling in Java is one of the core java topics which is at the core of OOPS programing needed to handle the runtime errors supporting in normal flow of the application.

Few of these exceptions are ArithmeticException,ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException,ClassNotFoundException,IO exception which determine in what context the errors are arising and how are to be handled.

Q. What is oops concept in Java?

A. In core java basic concepts the core concepts of OOPS such as Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Abstraction are mostly used while developing the programming.


Java is a programming language existing for few decades but still continues to grow inapplicability as it offers flexibility, scalability and continues to run some of the most powerful and complex computing systems in the contemporary world.

When you gradually learn and upgrade your skills in the above modules then you definitely gain experience which is a combination of design principles and logic building in Programming, that helps you in making efficient applications and code in Java are easier to maintain.

Java with its development kit containing numerous and versatile libraries not just helps developers in creating versatile and the most complex software applications but also provide a repository of numerous resources to explore

For learning who is java for beginners or at the initial stage of development of the application, modules should get concepts clear in core java but also have a firm grip on OOPS concepts which form core java topics are supported by the development community online too.

Core Java Concepts

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